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Inspiring Melinda is a place for you to find Inspiration and to create change so you can live a simpler and more empowered life.


Inspiring Melinda will help you to believe in yourself and help you find your inner strength so you can stay connected with your soul, your passions and dreams.


Inspiring Melinda will help you to realise the amazing woman you are and the important role you have in not only your own life but your family’s life and your communities’ life too.


Inspiring Melinda knows there is more waiting for you …. and it’s time to find your inner happiness.


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Start to think about what it is YOU want for your life.

What do YOU really want?


        Inspiring Melinda will help you to:

       Make slow, small changes to who you want to be NOW … OR, if you are ready, to jump right in and make huge changes all at once

         Find your self – your inner strength

         Love YOU, your body, your quirks, your abilities, your mind – every single thing about YOU

         Become the woman you want to be now – not the person you wanted to be ….. The woman you want to be NOW

You are in the right place at Inspiring Melinda if you:

        Are a woman

        Think you can (or have to) do everything all by yourself, all of the time

        Are a mother juggling life, home, children (possibly work and other commitments)

        Feel lost, unsure, stuck, confused

        Care about your children

        Care about your community

        Want to make a difference to your life

        Want to help make a difference to your family’s life

        Want to help make a difference in your community

        Want to help make a difference, in general

        Need or want Inspiration


       Inspiring Melinda aims to:

          ~      Inspire you

          ~      Get you thinking

          ~      Get you doing

          ~      Get you making changes


Do things YOUR way.

Do what works for YOU.

Do what YOU want to be doing.

No more just dreaming about it, but actually moving and achieving it.


Come on a journey of Inspiration with me


Being a Superwoman

I grew up in the 1970's and '80's so I am influenced by a lot that was going on in that time period.   There was a diverse range of music - the Disco tracks, the New Romantics, the beginnings of Rap and Hip Hop, Break Dancing and the 'end' of country. The clothes...

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The other night I was watching a documentary about women who had escaped from their tyrannical families and now consider themselves free - even though they were still on the run and in hiding so they couldn't be found to be taken back for punishment and imprisonment...

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Isolation Fantasy

I have to go into isolation. I will be cut off from everything for 14 days and 14 nights. There is absolutely nothing wrong with me. There is no reason given as to why I am in isolation. There are no excuses. There is no way out of it. I am in isolation and that is...

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