Welcome and be Inspired


Inspiring Melinda is a place for you to find Inspiration and to create change by living a simpler life to help you pursue your dreams of changing your current way of living a life of being stuck and unhappy.


Inspiring Melinda will help you to believe in yourself and help you find your inner strength by giving you belief in your self-worth and self-value to make the positive changes needed in your life so you can create change by living a life that is connected with your soul, your passions and your dreams.


Inspiring Melinda will help you to realise the amazing woman you are and the important role you have in not only your own life but your family’s life and your communities’ life too.


It can also help you to realise your hidden or forgotten dreams, goals and wishes or to create new ones which better suit where you are at now in your life moving forward.


Inspiring Melinda will help you to find your inner happiness.


You know what?

This is just too much.

Well, not really what it can do for you, but the way it is written.



I wasn’t going to write about any of the negative words and feelings like being stuck, being lost, hating yourself, wanting to dig a big, deep hole in the ground to bury yourself and hide away in, but I love writing and I love words. I got carried away.


Listen, if you are stuck, lost, confused, angry, upset, misplaced, misunderstood, hurt, lonely, isolated, numb, or don’t even know what you are anymore, this is the place for you to be.


Read my Articles.


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Start to think about what you want for your life now from this point forward.


Make slow, small changes to who you want to be now, or if you have the guts and determination, jump right in and make huge changes all at once.


Find your self, your inner strength.


Love your self, your quirks, your shape, your abilities, your mind – every single thing about your self.


Become the woman you want to be now. Not the person you wanted to be when you were 5 or 15 or 30 or whatever age. The woman you want to be now.



You are in the right place at Inspiring Melinda if you want help

        To empower yourself

         To be encouraged to be your best

         To be encouraged to make the most of every opportunity available to you

         To be happy and healthy

         To laugh and to cry

         To remember

         To find peace – both internally and externally

         To find Inspiration to move forward



You are in the right place at Inspiring Melinda if you:

        Are a woman

        Think you can (or have to) do everything all by yourself, all of the time

        Are a mother juggling life, home, children (possibly work and other commitments)

        Feel lost, unsure, stuck, confused

        Care about your children

        Care about your community

        Want to make a difference to your life

        Want to help make a difference to your family’s life

        Want to help make a difference in your community

        Want to help make a difference, in general

        Need or want Inspiration



My aim of Inspiring Melinda is to help Inspire you, to get your thinking, to get you doing and to get you making changes.



 I will be doing it in my own way and that is what I want you to do too.


To do things your way, to do what works for you and to do what you want to be doing.


Not just dreaming about it and not doing nothing, but actually moving and doing.


Doing it and doing it your way.



Come on a journey of Inspiration with me



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