What’s the story of Inspiring Melinda?


Inspiring Melinda has come about through me wanting to help women – as many women as I can in a way that makes sense to me – speaking from my experience.


I have been helping people basically all my life, but I want to make a bigger impact. I want to reach out and speak to more women in this world.


Quite a few years back I saw kinesiology in action on my husband. I was amazed at how simple it was and the amazing difference it made to his body in such a short amount of time. I wanted to do that. I wanted to be able to help people in this way too.


So off I went to college to learn about kinesiology. If I’d have known what was in store for me there is no way on earth I would’ve gone in the first place. You see, not only did I learn about various aspects of nutrition, counseling, anatomy, physiology, monitoring of muscles, various techniques etc., etc., etc. but I also did a load of personal work too. It is just part of the territory you go through.


The transformations, realisations and changes I have made in my personal life, I still can’t believe sometimes.


That is what I want for you too. I want you to have the transformations, the realisations and to make the changes you want in your own life.


I help people. I always have. I always will.


I have a real passion for supporting women, to transform them into empowered beings who know their self-worth, their strengths, their brilliance and love themselves.


In a nut shell that is where the whole idea of Inspiring Melinda comes from.


Now, a little about me personally.


Who is the person behind Inspiring Melinda?




Firstly, my name is Melinda Riddell.


Along with Kinesiology, I have various life experiences that have helped to shape me into the woman I am today. Basically though, I am an old soul in a body that is not as old – even though turning 50 is looming upon me.


No, I don’t believe 50 to be old, but I once did when I was much younger. I believe 50 to be a half-life lived (if you are lucky enough to make it that far). I believe 50 to be worthy of celebration. I believe 50 to be a life lived – hopefully well, with lots of joy, happiness and personal fulfillment. Yes there are heart aches, accidents, slips-ups and pain, but these are what help to shape the person we are today.


I live in a small country town in New South Wales, Australia. Small town, meaning a town population somewhere around the 3 – 3.5 thousand mark. I have mostly lived here my entire life. It is home to me physically. I also feel at home here spiritually, as well as in a few other places too.


I have 2 grown up children and a teenager. I am also a Nanna.


Along with being a Nanna, Mummy and a wife, I am also a sister, aunt, cousin, niece, god daughter, friend and many other titles.


I have done a lot of volunteer work in my community, sometimes to help out a mate, sometimes because I believed in the cause or the need, sometimes I was ‘volunteered’ by others and sometimes because no one else would step up or step in.


I love the bush. I love walking or running (although my run is probably more or a jog). I love reading – trashy, girly novels, information text, history, spirituality, hippy-woo-woo-shit (as I call it), almost anything. I enjoy watching movies – mainly girly, trashy ones with a good story line. I love being outdoors. I love gardening. I love going away for weekends or for longer periods exploring new places. I love machine sewing. I love cross-stitch and hand embroidery – although my hands don’t appreciate it so much anymore. I love to catch up and have meaningful chats with my good friends. I love listening to other people’s stories. I always find them interesting and inspirational.


I am a passionate and caring person. I like to stand up for what I believe in now. I like to be heard, but still won’t speak up if I feel I will be wasting my time or voice. Sometimes you just have to know when to speak up to be heard properly, and at other times when it’s best not to.


I find it sad to see so many unhappy, stuck, miserable, abused, confused women and children in our world. I can’t help everyone. No one person can. But, I can reach out to share my knowledge, share my wisdom, educate women and get them to transform their lives so they can transform their children’s lives, their family’s lives and their communities’ lives. That is what I can do.


I have been in your shoes. I have been lost, confused, stuck, overwhelmed, scared, afraid, unsure…. I have been clueless as to who I was. Yes I was someone’s daughter, someone’s mum and someone’s wife, but who was I really? What did I want? What did I love? Where was I going? How was I going to get there? What did I have to do?


I had no idea who I was, no idea how to be me, I wasn’t even sure what I was anymore or what I wanted to be anymore, or even if I wanted to be at all.


I turned my sad, miserable, lost, confused life around and I want the same for you too. We can all be lost souls just bumming around with no purpose, no direction, but I can assure you that it’s no fun.


You need to find your ‘why’ again. You need to realise you passions and your dreams. You need to realise how amazing, talented, beautiful and resilient you are so you can find your self-value, your self-worth and love yourself again (or for the very first time).


Let me help you.


Other interesting facts about me:

– I have been married twice

– We have our teenager learning at home and anywhere else we happen to be

– I hate the term ‘home school’ – don’t get me started

– I have an appreciation of cars. Something that seems to have been bred into me and carries on. Although I am not a full blown motor head, I do know more about cars than a lot of guys do

– I have loads of finished needlework stacked away, almost forgotten about in a cupboard. They are next to my stashes of fabric and threads all waiting to be turned into warm and cozy quilts or something else creative

– I collect crystals, oils, essences and cards like most women collect shoes and handbags

– I don’t drink much alcohol or soft drinks, but I do love me a decent sized drop of Malibu (white coconut rum) in coke occasionally. I really don’t like much other alcohol (I have tried) so I stick with what I know I like. I will also knock back a straight vodka in memory or honour of a loved one

– I am a proud Aussie. I feel lucky and privileged to have been born and raised here and take nothing for granted. My father arrived here from England back in the 1960’s by himself and although my mother was born here, her parents met over here after coming out from Poland at the end of WWII

– I have a passion for birds – especially the tiny ones or the predators

– I listen to a variety of music depending on my mood at the time

– I love my Akubra hat. I have had if for decades. Thank you little bunnies

– I am featured in the 2018 NSW Department of Primary Industries, Hidden Treasures Honour Roll (pages 36 + 37) – celebrating women volunteers who give so much to their communities