I wonder what just seeing that word bought up for you emotionally?

I know it can strike fear and terror in some people.


Accountability means being accountable for something or someone.

You are the one responsible.

You are the one to blame when it all goes pear shaped and doesn’t turn out the way it’s meant to be.

It is about standing up and saying “It is me. I am the one.



Some people may look at the word accountability and only see the first part of the word and become stuck. The word “account”. As in reference to a back account. How much money you don’t have to live on or how much money you don’t have saved up and put away. Or even in reference to outstanding bills and debts.



The word accountability also contains the word “count” which again strikes fear in some people. Firstly with feelings that they themselves don’t ‘count’, meaning they are feeling left out or left behind, and secondly, it has to do with numbers. Perhaps you weren’t very good with numbers and maths at school, or again, the numbers in your bank account are too low. Life just isn’t adding up for you the way you would like it to.


We all tend to get ourselves caught up in too many ‘things’ all at once, or neglect the really important ‘things’ in our lives and then when ‘things’ don’t turn out the way we hoped they would, we become confused and sometimes start blaming other people or come up with excuses as to what went wrong and why.

Instead we just need to look to ourselves and inside ourselves.

We are the ones accountable for our words and our actions. No-one else can make us do things and say things.


Yes you may feel pressured, but ultimately it is only you that speaks the words or follows through with the actions. You are the one doing it. You are the one who is accountable.


From time to time we all need to take a look at our lives or a particular aspect of our lives and see where we are not happy. We need to decide what we can do to change it for the better and actually do something about it.

Perhaps it is a relationship you are in, or your weight, or your job, or the mind boring, numb ‘things’ you do on a regular basis.


You are the one accountable for your life and you are the one who has to change it if you are not happy with it.


You see, not being accountable for events in our lives is living a false life.

We are telling ourselves lies. We are telling ourselves it is one ‘thing’ when it is actually another. ‘Things’ just seem to snowball and get larger, more out of control. We dig ourselves into bigger holes until we feel totally overwhelmed and can’t see our way out anymore.

What we should be doing instead, is sticking our hand up to say “It was me”. “I did it”.

Usually facing the music straight up is less painful and less traumatic then when we drag things out, hiding behind others and blaming others. We tend to over dramatise our events and situations and start playing silly games in our heads about what we ‘think’ will happen, or what we ‘think’ people will say or what we ‘think’ people will do. We cause ourselves much more pain and anguish than if we were to be accountable straight up.


Perhaps you are in a place right now where you have been slowly digging that hole for yourself and ‘things’ have now come to a head? You have hit rock bottom. There is no escape. There is nowhere to go.

What do you do?

You feel like a trapped animal. You are frightened. You are scared. You are unsure of what to do, how to respond, where to go.

The hardest thing you can do in this situation is to keep hanging on, keep blaming other people, keep talking yourself down, or whatever else it is you are doing. Just stop.

Stop doing whatever it is you are doing.


Let go.


Just let go.


Give in.


Give up.


Just go with what is being dealt to you or being offered to you.


No it’s not easy to do, but ‘things’ will change. Your life will get better.


No you don’t know what is going to happen, but yes you will get a chance to turn your life around.
You will get to learn from these events and you will get to make a new go of ‘things’, in your life.

Yes you may lose your partner, your job, your car, your house, your reputation – but all of this is usually only short term. You can move on with your life and have new jobs, and cars and houses and everything else again – if you choose.



Let’s be honest….

If you were to be honest with yourself, you have probably been aware of this time coming for quite a while and have been ignoring it by carrying on with your life in your usual way instead of addressing the issues that needed addressing at the time.


You have forced yourself into the predicament you are in by not being accountable.


Stand up now and acknowledge that you neglected certain aspects.


Acknowledge that you stuffed up, and just go with the flow to change ‘things’.


‘Things’ are going to change anyway now, so make the most of it by playing an active part in the decision making process while you can. You may find it is not all the doom and gloom you are making it out to be and you may actually have choices and options that you can take which are to your liking.


You are being forced now to make changes in your life that you didn’t want to make before.

It is a bit like being given a second chance to have another go. Step up and do ‘things’ a bit differently.


It can be scary not knowing where you will go, what you will do, how you will do it, but you just get in and have a go with what is being offered to you.


Get in and change your life, the people you are with, where you are located, how you are getting about, even what you are eating.


Quite often when we face these deep, dark moments in our lives – where everything seems impossible and all we want to do is hide under the covers of our bed in a dark room, not go anywhere, not see anyone, not do anything, just be – they are the moments when we emerge into a rich, new, beautiful life that we created for ourselves as we were forced into them because that is where we are meant to be. We just got side-tracked and would never have chosen that way of being when we were living our lives before the dark and confusion.


Sure you can spend lots of money on programs and coaches and tools and other ‘things’ that may make you feel better in the short term, but it is the long term you need to be thinking about. Further down the road in your life. You need to be making long term plans and goals.


You need to step up and be accountable for your own life.


You are the one who has to have a mind shift, a change in attitude and behavior.


Other people can help you keep on track, keep track of your progress, encourage you, etc, but it is you who has to take charge.


You have to be accountable for making changes and seeing them through.



If you are at that point in your life at the moment where you are ready to be accountable for your own life, you are probably feeling very scared, unsure, intimidated, withdrawn, hopeless etc., etc., etc.

What is it you are fighting?

What are you hanging on to that you should be letting go of?



You radiate light from within.

It has been dimmed, but it has not yet been extinguished.



Find the time to sit quietly and peacefully to find that spark of light inside you. Focus on it, send it love and nurture it with positive thoughts and actions.

It takes time to build it back up again, it takes strength and courage to build it up again, but it is worth it.


Focus on your light to find out what it needs to grow again.

Is it time alone?

Is it self-love?

Is it acceptance?

Is it moving away?


Embrace your life.

Be accountable for how it is now.


Be accountable for the changes you make in your life and for the life you want to live.