Life for most, if not all of us at this moment is a little bit crazy, uncertain and unusual to the way we are used to living. My life is no exception to this either.


My world feels a little bit out of control due to: this pandemic sweeping the world resulting in, to quote the Prime Minister, “ridiculous” behaviour by some people in regards to their shopping sprees / hoarding resulting in shortages of most goods for the rest of us; the piling up of sewing projects to be finished and new ones to be started; a book to finish reading and then 3 more by the same author ready and waiting to be read too; an accumulation of ‘stuff’ which seems to have piled up making its own little community over time which is now hard not to ignore; the housework needs doing; clothing and linen need to be washed and ironed; book work my son needs to be caught up on; recent rains have lead to weeds jumping out of the ground which need to be removed; not sleeping very well lately meaning I am tired, plus I have lots of ideas running rampant in my mind at the moment. There just seems to be no let up.

I feel like my life is a little out of control at the moment because it is.

Some of this is my own doing, some is the doings of other people that I then become a third party to that I have to live with as a result or consequence of and some is way out of my doing or control.



It is also Autumn Equinox.



What is that and what has it got to do with anything else going on at this time you ask?

Well, a fair bit actually.


Autumn Equinox is a time of year where basically everything is equal: day & night, good & bad, light & dark, potential & limitations, forward momentum & set backs.


At this time of year, for us sensitive souls, we feel an energy change as the relationship between us mortal beings with that of our ancestors and other celestial beings is closer or more intensified as the world above becomes more equal with the world below. It is a brief time of the year that is most intense on the day of, as well as a day or two either side of, the equinox (March 20th) where our life circumstances become highlighted for us.

All our potential and all our abilities are highlighted making us become excited and we invite more in. All our limitations, all our faults and all our previous set backs also come flooding back in to remind us of where we have been and what our past struggles were.

Hopefully we can learn from these to move past them this time around.


We are being given the opportunity to see what we can have moving forward, or what our next actions should be, at the same time as being reminded of where we have been and what we have overcome.

It really is a potent and special time.



What you need to do at this time is try to be open and receptive to any dreams,

thoughts, ideas and suggestions put forward to you so you can work out a way

to progress and live in a way that can be more harmonious and more of in line

with who you really are.



This particular time of year, and by the way we get another one at the Spring Equinox (September 22), is about finding your balance.

It is about what you need to be doing in balance with what you want to be doing. It is about action, in balance with rest and thought. It is about readjusting your life that has become tilted more to one way of being so that you can live more harmoniously again. It is also about being aware of what no longer serves you or suits you and discarding it, minimising it, so that you can invite in, and do, more of the actions and plans that are better suited to who you are now or who you are working to become.


My plan of action moving forward is very simple and straight forward. It is to put back in place and re-implement a routine, of sorts, that we got out of doing. We have certain activities that need to be done each day and each week, like any household to run efficiently, and we need to get back to that. We need to find our balance again between house, work and play.



This is the time of year for all of us to find our balance again, to make our lives

more in tune to how we want to be living our lives and not just being alive.


At times this might seem like a scary transition for us to be making, but I think it

is much scarier to think that if we don’t make the changes to do something

different that our lives will remain the same.


If you are in need of a bit of help to find your balance again, why not purchase you own copy of “Inspiring Year Planner” to help you find your way. It is not just a stand alone Planner, as you also get monthly emails prompting and reminding you to check back in with your Planner and to add to it, but to check back in with your life too. It is a way to help you decide what you would like your life to be and steps you can take to help you get there.


Also, if you are getting the calling that you need to be getting rid of things out of your life to make way for the new or because you are feeling weighed down at this time, the Inspiring Melinda “Guide to Cleaning Up, Clearing Out, Decluttering and Simplifying” might just be what you need to help you find where to start, what to remove and how to go about it. It delves into not only the rooms and cupboards of your house, but many other areas and aspects of your life that you may not have considered before that don’t usually get addressed but may be causing issues for you as well.


At this Autumn Equinox 2020, where in your life are you out of balance?

What measures need to be put in place for you to restore harmony and balance back into your life?

Once your balance is restored, how do you expect to be and what do you expect to be doing as you move forward with your life?



Be gentle with yourself and others around you as you find your balance again.


Be reminded that this is just a phase in your life and it too will pass.


Be reminded also, that this is your life and how you decide to live it, the

decisions you make and the way you choose to live your life is

YOUR decision.