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Remember Love

You know us women are usually much stronger, much tougher and more resilient in our selves and in our determination than we give ourselves credit for.   We have all had those moments - days, weeks, months, years even - when we are feeling lost, lonely, sad,...

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This Is As Good As It Gets

    We all go about our lives doing our usual tasks day in and day out without really giving it much thought. We get up out of bed, we do our usual morning routine and we go off to work or do our usual day time tasks. In the evenings we do our usual evening...

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Living A Simple Life

  Our life is uncomplicated. Our life is simple. This is of course compared to other people we know or shows we watch on tv. When I say our life is uncomplicated and simple I mean that we don’t seem to have the arguments, dramas and busy schedules of those around...

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Letting People Know of Your Dreams

Funny how we doubt ourselves, second guess ourselves and keep putting off doing something we feel or know is right for us – especially when we need to involve other people, including our partners. We have preconceived ideas about what we think others are going to say...

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Where We Do Our Learning

  As we don’t do things ‘normally’, our learning is also not ‘normal’ for where we do it either.   For example, you may find us: Outside on a picnic rug in the shade or sun (depending on the weather) On the lounge Sitting on the floor Laying on the floor In...

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13 Reasons Why I Like Learning At Home

I have been giving this a bit of thought lately and decided to compile a list of my favourite aspects of having our child learning at home. There can be so many good (and not so good) aspects so I thought I would write a few down. In no particular order:-   1. We...

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  I wonder what just seeing that word bought up for you emotionally? I know it can strike fear and terror in some people.   Accountability means being accountable for something or someone. You are the one responsible. You are the one to blame when it all...

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Keeping Your Power Strong

Do you give your power away? Do you give in to others? Do you keep quiet when you should be speaking up?   We ALL have powers. We ALL have beliefs. We ALL have hopes and dreams. Some of us have the strength, the will power, the determination and the ability to go...

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