Here is something a little bit different for you. I am going to sharing my recipe of “Boring Balls”!


Boring Balls does have a bit of a story to go with it too. When my children were young, around Christmas time, there would be Rum Balls out on the table to nibble and snack on. The children were too young to be having them and as I don’t like Rum or Rum Balls I started making Chocolate Balls instead. I have been making them ever since for Christmas and various other occasions.


I will make them to take to parties, I will make them to take around to someone’s house when we have been invited around for tea, I will make them when we have visitors, I will make them as gifts for friends or I will make them to take away on holidays for us as a treat. I will also make them for us to eat just because they are yummy.


As my children became older I still made Chocolate Balls because they couldn’t have alcohol whilst learning to drive or whilst on their ‘P’ Plates, plus there were still younger children around at times that we had to think about too and now there are little grandchildren to think about as well. I think it is nice to be able to offer yummy treats like this for everyone to enjoy.


Over the years the Chocolate Balls have also undergone some name changes. These include Boring Balls (for which they are now mostly called because they have no Rum or other alcohol in them), Chocolate Balls, Chocolate Coconut Balls, Coconut Balls, Melinda’s Balls and Melinda’s Boring Balls.


What ever they are called, they are still yummy all the same, require very few ingredients, are easy to make and don’t cost too much money to make. They do however take a bit of time to make so you have to be patient. But then again, most of the good things in life we have to patiently wait for are usually worth the wait so these are no exception.



Boring Balls Recipe


1 packet (250g) milk biscuits

1/3 Cup (40g) Cocoa Powder

1/2 Cup (45g) Coconut

1 Tin (395g) Condensed Milk

Extra Coconut (1/2 – 1 cup)


Crush biscuits and place in a bowl.

Add Cocoa and Coconut (1/2 Cup).

Add Condensed Milk.

Mix all ingredients together.

In a separate bowl place extra Coconut.

Roll small amounts (about teaspoon size) of mixture into balls and then roll in extra coconut.

Place on a tray.

Once all mixture has been made into balls, place the tray in fridge to chill for about 30 minutes.


Share with friends, family or just keep them all to yourself. I won’t tell.




Some extra tips about my Boring Balls:

I am not too fussy about how the biscuits get crushed and I don’t mind leaving chunks of biscuits in the mixture. A bit of extra texture is fine and if they last more than a day the biscuit chunks are totally soft like the rest of the mix anyway.


Make sure to combine the ingredients thoroughly for an even consistency.


You can make these Boring Balls the night before or in the morning of an event you are taking them along to. Allowing the bit extra time in the fridge helps to set them a bit more.


You could add a dash of Rum, Kahlua, Baileys or another of your favourite alcohol drinks if you wish to add a bit more flavour or zing. Adding extra liquid may require extra time in the fridge to set (or they may not set properly at all) so be mindful of this. You could add a bit more coconut to help absorb the extra moisture I guess. Also, a little bit of alcohol goes a long way in a recipe like this. The mixture may taste a bit bland to start off with but will become more potent once it has had time to be absorbed and settle. You will also need to remember your alcohol limit and not drink and drive (or eat and drive as may be this case).


The balls could also be rolled in chopped nuts, sprinkles, hundreds and thousands, gold flake or any other topping you like.