Different is a word that gets used a lot in our house.


I like the word different.


It doesn’t mean something can be labelled as “good” or “bad”.


It just is what it is.


It is just different.


Not the same.






Something new.






* Our family structure is a bit different to some.


* Our yard is different to some.


* Our beliefs are different to some.


* What we say and what we do are different to some.  


* Our family consists of a his, a hers, and an our family.


* There is a substantial difference in age between husband and wife, as well as a substantial range in children’s ages from eldest to youngest.


* The original part of our house is a typical banged together transportable from about 30 odd years ago. We have added onto the original house with materials and fittings that better reflect our tastes, which again are different to some, and altogether it makes our house a bit different too.


* Our yard is different in that it is larger than most, and it has a different shape to it.


* Having our own beliefs and way of doing things may be different to some, but at the same time, this can also make us the same, as together we are believing in different things and issues.


In our family, we are glad to be different.


We believe that if everyone around us is “normal” in what they are doing, saying and believing, then we are thankful we are not “normal” and that we are different.


You know how it goes: “normally it would be done this way…………”; “normally …………… would happen”; “ the normal way is …………”, “most people would normally ………………”.   We don’t always believe in doing things the “normal” way and because of this, we are different.  


We are proud to be different, because if it means being “normal”, like everyone else, we wouldn’t be happy and we wouldn’t be ourselves.


We are happy to be different.


    I think at times different can be the opposite of “usual” as well. You are stepping away from what you “usually” do and are replacing it with something new instead.     Different isn’t about confrontation and arguments. Different is just about having an opinion and a view, a perspective that may not be the same as others around you. This is totally fine and acceptable.


Different is about doing things in a new way. About breaking out of your patterns and your routines.


Different is about making new memories and ways of being.


At times different can be because we want to forget certain situations, events or people.


Sometimes different is due to circumstances beyond our control, such as losing a family member, losing our house, a natural disaster or an act of vandalism, for example.



Sometimes different is just that – different.


Don’t assign a “good” or “bad” label to it – just label it as what is it. DIFFERENT!



Different is something new happening. You may mourn for the past of how things once were, but it really doesn’t serve you any real purpose. It drags you down, it pulls you back.


We should embrace different for the potential it can hold.    


Different can lead to chance events, to changed perspectives, to chance encounters, circumstantial opportunities and to transformation.



Here is another way to look at different.

Each day is changed from the last. The weather may be similar, but not exactly the same. You may go off to work, but you will probably not encounter exactly the same people along the way. The leftovers you are having for lunch may have their flavours diluted or enhanced to what they were when you originally prepared the meal. The music playing on the radio, the shows on tv, the conversations you have, the way you sit, the breaths you take, all of them will have changed. Things, everything, will be different.   In our day to day lives, some of these changes are unnoticeable, such as the growth of your children, or how quickly the grass is growing. They are subtly changing and becoming different.   That is how we need to look at other aspects of our lives as well. They are transforming and morphing into something else.


“Change” and “different” is happening around us all the time. You can’t stop it. It just is.


I think from time to time we need to remind ourselves of this.


Nothing stays the same forever.



Everything changes.


Everything becomes different.



We need to embrace different and we need to embrace different as our new way of being.


To not choose different, is to embrace fear and stagnation.


Nothing blooms or thrives on fear and stagnation.



Embrace and encourage different into your life