One thing that I remind myself each morning when I wake up and don’t feel like getting out of bed or don’t feel like doing anything, is that it is a brand new day and I get to have a brand new start.


Each day is a new day to do life.


Even when there is a mountain of work to be done, even when there are challenging personalities to deal with, even when we are feeling unwell, even when the weather may be unpleasant, even when we can’t be somewhere we would prefer to be, even if we can’t be doing the one activity we would like to be doing, it is a new day.


It is a new day to live again.


We may be faced with the seemingly same obstacles and challenges as every other day, but how we choose to view them and how we choose to deal with them is an entirely different matter.


When you can re-frame what is happening in your life or when you can re-frame what you have to deal with, it makes your life that much better.



Even though it may seem we are on a never ending treadmill or hamster wheel, we do actually have choices in how we live our lives.



If you start your day being determined to have a good day, you will.


If you start your day determined to be happy, you will.


If you start your day determined to be yourself, you will.


If you start your day determined to ignore that which usually gets you riled up, you will.


If you start your day determined to get a lot done, you will.


If you start your day determined to make changes, you will.


If you start your day determined to accomplish, you will.



Whatever you start your day out determined to be, it can be.

All it takes is a shift in perspective or mind set.



It is all too easy to get around in an unpleasant, grumpy mood, hating the world, hating yourself, hating everyone in it, hating everything you do and hating in general, but that is not doing you or anyone else any good. (Plus, it is so exhausting living life that way.)



Instead choose to start your day in a more pleasant and uplifting manner. Choose to ignore negative comments and brush off negative people, choose to be polite and courteous even if others around you aren’t, choose to be productive and accomplished because it makes you feel better, choose to work at your own pace and not someone else’s, choose to have a smile on your face and in your heart, choose to be happy, choose to love yourself, choose to be YOU.


When you start your day out in this way, it makes a big difference to not only you, but others around you. Your whole world changes – and that can be a good thing.



You see, as each day is a new day, a new start, you too get to have a new start and have the chance to change what it is you are unhappy or uncomfortable about. You get to start again and you get to choose how your day and your life will be. We don’t live a Groundhog Day with the exact same day playing out for us day in and day out with no change to it whatsoever. We get to make changes and we get to choose how we will live.



You don’t live your entire life in one go. You live your life one day at a time,

one moment at a time.



It is your beliefs, your attitude and your behaviour in each of these moments

that shapes your life and the type of person you become.



BUT, each new day and each new moment, is a new chance to change aspects of your life you are unhappy or uncomfortable with so that you can be the person you want to be, surrounded by the people you want to be with, in a way you want to be living.


Try something new today and this week, by making the effort to change your outlook on what you have to face in each moment as it is presented to you to see how you can change your day and life, one moment at a time.


It is YOUR life after all, and you get to choose how you live YOUR life, each new day.