I have to go into isolation.

I will be cut off from everything for 14 days and 14 nights.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with me.

There is no reason given as to why I am in isolation.

There are no excuses.

There is no way out of it.

I am in isolation and that is the end of the matter whether I like it or not.


I try to look upset and confused when I am told that I will have no contact with anyone for the next 14 days and 14 nights. I am told I have only a couple of minutes to grab anything I think I may need or want for the next 14 days and then I am on my own.

I get a few movie DVD’s and a music CD player, my boomerang pillow, the kettle, some tea, sugar and some bottles of water. I say goodbye to my family (from a distance) and slowly close the sliding door behind me as I enter into my period of isolation.


Our house is large enough and designed in a way that it is so easy for me to live in isolation and still have comfort and freedom of movement.

I will still have my own bed, I will still have an en-suite, I will still have my studio, I will still have a lounge room. I have everything I will need.

A camp table has been set up at the sliding door that stands between me and the outside world. This is not only a physical barrier, but is also the place that food, drinks, or anything else for me will be left so that no one will have to come in contact with me.


It was so hard to keep my excitement under control. It took everything in me to not show my elation.


Can you imagine it:

No house work.

No dusting.

No cleaning floors.

No cleaning bathrooms.

No washing clothes.

No washing dishes.

No preparing meals.

Not having to think about what to prepare for meals.

No having to shop for groceries.

No having to clean up after anyone else.

No washing the car.

None of the everyday chores we do on a daily basis.


My mind starts to plan. What to do first???? Will I become a lounge lizard and binge watch movies??? Will I rearrange my wardrobe??? Will I sort through my stashes of fabric??? Will I finish reading my book??? Will I just laze around doing nothing much at all??? Will I have a sleep???


There are so many possibilities and 14 days seems like a long time, but still not enough time to do all I want.


Sewing. That is definitely top of my list to do. But what to do first?? Do I finish off the patchwork queen sized (or larger) quilt top I started years ago? Do I start the elephant quilt kit I have had for a while? Do I make a start on the hedgehog quilt pattern I have? Do I make some clothes for myself? Do I make some clothes for my grandchildren? Do I make some of the stuffed toy patterns I have?

I am like a little child at Christmas in a toy store and told I can have anything I want. There are too many options for me. It is almost overwhelming.


In the end I decide to turn my Jelly Roll (pre-cut strips of fabric rolled together in a cute little handsized package) into a quilt to use when I am sitting on the lounge. This is the project I start on as it is a simple, straight forward design I will be making and I don’t really need to think about how it will come together. I can basically just sit and sew.


The next 14 days and 14 nights seem to go by in a blur. I spend a great deal of my time in my studio cutting, sewing and creating many projects. When I get too tired or when I take a break I do some stretching and exercises, I read books and watch a few movies. I get up when I am ready to get up. I go to bed when I am ready to go to bed. I have peaceful, uninterrupted sleeps (yes such a thing does exist). I listen to music when I need to feel alive or when I need to feel grounded and connected. Food and drinks are left for me at the door on a regular basis. I speak to loved ones on the phone. I am cared for. I have no wants.


All too suddenly my 14 days in isolation are up. It is time to go back to the real world and face people and responsibilities again.


I open the door on the 15th morning. My family are standing on the other side with sad, fallen faces. For some reason, they do not understand, I am required to spend another 14 days and 14 nights in isolation. I manage to show shock and surprise – which I am. How can it be that I have spent 2 weeks closed off from the world and now I have to spend another 2 weeks by myself?


Aw well. If that is what they say, I must. I close the door behind me once again. I go to the furthest place I can find from the door and as quietly as possible do a happy dance with a big grin on my face. How lucky can a girl be? I get to do it all over again.

My isolation fantasy.


Now don’t get me wrong. My family is absolutely wonderful. We get in and do jobs together. We get along really well. We enjoy each others company. But sometimes, it would be nice to not be mum or wife or have responsibilities, to just do the things I want to do and to be able to do them uninterrupted or do them when I feel like doing them.


I have managed to turn my fantasy into reality. Well a bit of it.

The list of sewing projects I had was piling up on me and it was gnawing away at me so even though I wasn’t actually in isolation I decided that I would spend any spare time I had sewing. It is such a wonderful feeling to be creative, doing something you love and watching it come to life as you spend time working towards its completion. My end result is a quilt that is large enough to wrap under my feet and legs then go all the way up to my neck when I am sitting on the lounge of a night. It is large enough that I will be able to snuggle with all my grandchildren at once and it is large enough to be used as a blanket on a bed.


You see, like a lot of things in life, if there is something you want badly enough, you have to go out and make it happen for yourself. We can all laze about day dreaming till the cows come home, but that doesn’t make life happen. We need to take action, we need to make plans and we need to work towards it.

In my case, to give you an example, I got help in the kitchen with preparation and cooking of meals, I asked for washing to be hung up or to be bought back inside. When I was busy sewing, my family were doing their own thing in their rooms or outside so I was left uninterrupted for short periods of time.I I stayed up a little bit later than usual. I got up a little bit earlier than usual. Instead of having a rest on the lounge in the middle of the day, I went and sewed instead. I decided to sew instead of watching tv or reading. I made it happen for me.


I am sure each of us has some project, some hope, some wish, some fantasy we would like to see come true. It doesn’t matter what it is. It doesn’t matter how long you have had it. It doesn’t matter if you have never spoken of it to anyone. What does matter though is that you have it, that you work towards it on a regular basis and that you see it come to fruition. It is no good having a fantasy and not doing anything about it. Yes it can make you feel good to be thinking about it, but it can also make you frustrated when you have been thinking about it for so long and you are still no closer to having it.


If you were told you had 14 days and 14 nights to do what you wanted, whenever you wanted, with no responsibilities, no cares, in isolation, what is it that you would want to spend your time doing? What is it that you would want to have with you? What dreams would you be able to make come true?


What would you like to do once your 14 days and 14 nights were up?


How can you make it happen in your life now out of isolation in the real world you live in?