Learning is not just restricted to children or those attending an educational facility.


Learning is happening everywhere, all the time.


Below you will find articles that may be of interest and Inspiration for you relating to the topic of learning.


You will find articles relating to life’s learning and you will find articles relating to learning at home with children (aka homeschooling).


Baking A Cake

Baking a cake is easy. You just get some ingredients, mix them together, put them in a tin and then put it in the oven to cook. Hey presto, you have baked a cake. Easy.   But, if you learn at home or think outside the basic square, you will find that baking a...

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Common Questions Asked About Homeschooling

By now you might know that we have a son that learns at home and is not in main stream education. When this is mentioned to some people they look at us as if we have just spoken another language, landed in from another planet with two heads or as if we have crossed...

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Where We Do Our Learning

  As we don’t do things ‘normally’, our learning is also not ‘normal’ for where we do it either.   For example, you may find us: Outside on a picnic rug in the shade or sun (depending on the weather) On the lounge Sitting on the floor Laying on the floor In...

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13 Reasons Why I Like Learning At Home

I have been giving this a bit of thought lately and decided to compile a list of my favourite aspects of having our child learning at home. There can be so many good (and not so good) aspects so I thought I would write a few down. In no particular order:-   1. We...

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