Our life is uncomplicated. Our life is simple. This is of course compared to other people we know or shows we watch on tv.

When I say our life is uncomplicated and simple I mean that we don’t seem to have the arguments, dramas and busy schedules of those around us or that we watch.

Some of this I guess can be attributed to the fact that we learn at home and therefore we don’t have the big rush first thing of a morning to get children up and ready and out the door before they have had the chance to wake up properly. It also means we don’t have the big rush after work and after school of getting home, cooking tea, washing and cleaning, doing homework and getting ready to do it all the same again the next day.

We are not involved in organised sports or out of school extra-curricular activities, so again, no rushing.

Some of this simple life I guess is due to the fact that we don’t really go out to ‘work’, so again there is no early morning rush.


We live a simple life because we have very little conflict in our lives and our relationships. We get on well as a couple and as a family unit. We are able to work together, work alongside each other, have the same or similar goals and we are striving together to achieve what is important for all of us – both individually and as a family.


Our life is simple because we keep it simple.


Simple to us means that we don’t put crazy deadlines on ourselves. We work towards getting a job done, not work towards a timeline.

It seemed to take forever to put extensions on our existing house for this very reason. We didn’t borrow money to get it done quickly, we worked at it bit by bit when we had the money and time to do the next bit. Rather than taking 6 months to complete, it took more like 2 years. We were happy to be making progress and we could also sleep at night because we knew we didn’t have a huge debt from borrowed money hanging over our heads. Yes it was frustrating at times not having it complete and it seeming to drag on forever, but we knew we were doing the right thing for us.

Our house is not fancy or flash. We live within our means. If we want something that we don’t have, we save up our money before we go rushing out to buy it. By saving our money first we don’t have the stress and worry about making repayments on loans, mortgages, overdrafts etc.

We don’t buy fancy clothes, shoes, food or anything else for that matter.


So you might be thinking that we lead a very dull and boring life by now, but you would be totally wrong.


We are learning alongside each other and from each other every day in all the activities we do. We keep fit in our own ways by the work we are doing, going for walks, riding bikes, riding scooters, stretching and exercising in our own ways that suit us and that can be done at a time which suits us best. We are out with friends and family every week catching up with them and meeting new people. We are able to sleep at night knowing we don’t have impossibly huge mountains of debt we have secret fears we will never be able to pay out. You can’t get much simpler than that.


For us, living a simple life is about living a happy life.


When you are happy, everything you do in your life is much more relaxed and more enjoyable.


For us, living a simple life is about having dreams and goals, both individually and as a family that we are all striving towards so that even though we are working towards these for ourselves, the whole family is able to participate in and benefit from them as well.

As an example, Inspiring Melinda. It is a dream of mine to help other women in this world by passing on my experiences and knowledge. This can be done through this website, so that is a dream being achieved by me. For my family, they know that by helping me prepare meals, doing washing and other household chores I am able to concentrate on getting my job done. For them it can also mean time for them to spend doing something they enjoy such as riding a scooter, tinkering with a car or being out socialising. The big goal for me and for all of us is to be location independent so I can continue to do this from wherever I may be. This includes family visits and traveling around for holidays which benefits the whole family as we enjoy traveling.


Something else that I believe helps us to have a simple life is organisation. I love to be organised. I love everything to be neat and tidy. I love to be able to see where something is at a glance. I love going to a place and knowing exactly what I should be able to find there. I am one of those people that when asked where something is I can tell you exactly where it should be. For example, ‘Where are the rolled oats?’ ‘Right in front of your nose. Third shelf up, behind the sugar, under the coconut at the back of the cupboard.’ I don’t even have to be in the house at the time of answering because everything has a place.  


Many families, or should I say parents, believe that their children have to be busy from the moment they wake to the moment they go to sleep with organised activities.

How many out of school activities are your children involved in?

Do your children actually enjoy these activities?

Do your children actually want to do these activities?

How many out of work activities are you involved in?

Do you enjoy and want to do all the activities you are doing?


How much time do you actually spend at home?

How much time do you spend as a real family / couple, talking and communicating face to face in person?


When was the last time, if indeed at all that you have asked these questions?


If you lived a more simple life what would it look like for you?

If you lived a more simple life, what would you be doing differently?

If you lived a more simple life, what would it mean for your family?  


I know these are ‘what if’ questions, but sometimes we need to take the time to reflect on these type of questions in an attempt to make changes to our lives, especially when our lives seem to be crazy and spiraling out of control.

It can be challenging for people to let go of their ‘crazy’ because it is the only thing they know. It is like a blanket they have cocooned themselves up into and they have no idea they don’t need to be so wrapped up and isolated by everything they are doing.


The funny thing to me is that a lot of people will tell you that you have to get out and be part of organised sports, you have to socialise your children with extra activities, you have to give your children all the experiences you can so they can go on to achieve amazing things with their lives.

I agree with them to a point.

You see, once you start taking on too much and doing too many activities, you burn out, you don’t enjoy it any more, it’s a drag and you start to hate it. Then one of two things seems to happen, you either go numb and keep going on because it is habit or you go numb and get really sick from resentment and exhaustion.

That is not for me.

No thank you.


I will keep my simple life any and every day thank you very much.  

I always try to live simple. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.


When it doesn’t work I cut out whatever is irritating me the most and causing the most worry or stress or I cut out that which doesn’t resonate with me as strongly as others any more.  


Three things help me live simple.


One is by being happy.

Two is by having dreams that I am working towards.

Three is being organised.  


To help me live simple, I write in my Inspiring Year Planner (only available for a limited time at the end and beginning of the year) which I look over, read, review and add to on a regular basis to keep me on track of achieving what is important to me, to add the next dream or goal and to be reminded about what is important to me so I can keep my life simple.

I also write in my diary every day and I exercise regularly.  


Now have a think about your life:

Do you ever question what you are doing with your life and where you are headed?

Do you ever question why your children are doing so much?

Do you ever question why your children are getting so tired?

Do you ever question whether you and your children want to do all these activities?


Do you ever crave for a day at home to just be?


Do you need to start looking into dropping some of what you are doing to start living a more simple life?