2020 Inspiring Year Planner



This is just the Planner you need for 2020 if you want


YOUR life to be more productive and fulfilling.


Don’t let this year pass you by.


Plan for it and make it all about YOU!




* This is the Planner I designed for myself as I couldn’t find exactly what I needed to help me plan out my year so it would be more productive and fulfilling for me.


* Life is inclusive and wholistic so that is what the 2020 Inspiring Year Planner is too. It includes many areas of your life relating to your everyday living but also work, relationships, self-care, dreams and monthly reviews, as well as many more.
* With the 2020 Inspiring Year Planner having over 90pages, you can record and keep track of everything that is important for YOU in 2020.


The Inspiring Melinda 2020 Inspiring Year Planner is for those who dream big and have many ideas, but equally for those who are a bit stuck and not sure how or where they want their lives to be heading.



* Writing out all your ideas and dreams in the 2020 Inspiring Year Planner will help you to not only realise what YOU want for the coming year, but it will also help you to stay on track to achieving them when you review and add to the Planner on a regular basis.



*As a special bonus, not only will you receive the Planner, but you will also be sent monthly emails to remind you to check in with your Planner and your life. No good having a Planner if you don’t use it, right?


*Plus there is a second special bonus to be sent your way!




 If you are ready to make 2020 more productive and fulfilling to YOU, then the Inspiring Melinda 2020 Inspiring Year Planner is a must!