You know us women are usually much stronger, much tougher and more resilient in our selves and in our determination than we give ourselves credit for.


We have all had those moments – days, weeks, months, years even – when we are feeling lost, lonely, sad, heartbroken, unable to feel like we can move forward or live a proper life ever again. But there is something that propels us forward. Something that makes us get up out of bed. Something that seems to be forcing each new action and event in front of us to deal with.

It may be stubbornness. It may be fear. It may be resilience. It may be done in a blur of tears. It may be done with you unconsciously aware that you are going about your day and your activities seemingly on auto-pilot. But you find yourself up, about and active again.

I think it is probably a combination of all of the above that gets us moving again. But also LOVE.


Even if we are heartbroken due to a relationship being dissolved – for whatever reason – it is LOVE that propels us forward giving us hope, a reason to continue and carry on again. Even when we feel like we are unloved in the present moment.


You might feel like shutting yourself up in a darkened room, shutting yourself away from the world, trying to make yourself unrecognisable or invisible, but eventually the world comes seeking you out. It finds you and you find yourself being forced back into the swing of everyday life once again – even when you feel like it isn’t your time yet and you aren’t ready.


It may be the love of a person you have lost recently. It may be the love of those around you presently. It may be the love of someone from deep in your past. It may even be the love you have of yourself. It doesn’t matter where the love comes from – it is love all the same.


That love gives you a sense of self-worth, a sense of self-belief, or worthiness, of invincibility. That love allows you to believe in all sorts of possibilities. That love allows you to dream big, to soar high and to be your best at everything you do and choose to be.


Somehow, some way, deep down inside of us when we are aching, when we are in despair and when it seems like we can go on no further, love helps to heal us.


Love gives us hope and belief again, gradually, that all will be ok and life will get better again one day.

Love gives us a glimmer of hope that we can be strong again, that we can carry on again.

Love helps to warm our heart which lets us know that we will be just fine again – but in a different way to the way we had been.


Love and the memory of love helps us to get back our self-worth, our self-belief, our worthiness, our courage, our strength and our invincibility. This love truly is like a flame of a candle (or a bushfire depending on how intense it feels). But despite the fact that it may seem like it gets extinguished, it can be ignited and brought back to life.

We slowly regain our flame. We slowly regain our life.

All from the memory of being loved and what it means for us to be in love or to have been loved.


It may be to honour the memory of someone, it may be to help heal others deal with a similar issue to what you have been going through, it may be because that is the only thing holding you together or it may be because it is the only thing you know.

It doesn’t matter what, it doesn’t matter why. It just matters that it is.


Remember what it is like to be loved. Treasure that feeling. Keep being reminded of it. Keep the feeling of love alive inside you.



Remember you have been loved in the past.


Remember you will be loved in the future.


Realise you are loved in the present moment.



Use this love to help propel you forward, to help you heal, to help you see magic and beauty all around you and use this love to help you BE again. Then go and make magic happen for yourself and others by spreading your love.