How is it we see the potential in other people, but seldom or never see it in ourselves?


Is it just some sort of fault in our beings? Is it some sort of defence mechanism? Is it some sort of past life vow? Is it some sort of religious belief and teaching that has gone on for far too long? (a bit like the old belief that only priests and ministers of faith being allowed to talk to God so that only ‘He’ could tell us what we should be doing or that only ‘He’ could see our potential.)


I truly believe that each of us has lots of, possibly endless, potential and possibilities of what we could achieve, if only we knew about it or knew how to go about it.



Is seeing our own potential something that gets knocked out of us as children growing up – being told by our parents, teachers, elders, etc. that we can’t do something we want to do?


I don’t believe we should just say “No” to someone when they have an idea or plan for something they would like to do. “No” is such a definitive word. I think we should be giving an explanation as to why they can’t do it instead. It doesn’t have to be a long explanation, but at least this way, hopefully, they can see the reason behind your answer. It could lead to discussions about possible flaws with their plans and ways it could be overcome, or why postponing, allowing more time or changing direction slightly may have a better outcome for them.



Do we not see our own potential because we play small, never rising to the occasion to step up to take ownership of our own lives and what we believe in?


Some of us lack confidence in our selves and our own abilities to see past the fear and paralysis to see anything else.



Seeing the potential in others is much easier because it is not our life. We aren’t looking at everything that is limiting their beliefs in their abilities, we can only see the benefits, how much difference they could make for themselves and others, how well they could do because of their abilities / knowledge / experience / energy etc. We are only seeing the good, not the pitfalls, financial constraints, peer / social pressure, limiting beliefs etc.



Some of us have so many thoughts and ideas it’s hard to make heads or tails of them all. This can then lead to doing nothing at all as it just becomes too confusing and overwhelming. This is potential just being wasted, being left to wither and die.



How could we overcome these traits we have so that we too can see our own potential and act on it?


~ Start taking note and write down your ideas and plans when you have them – some will stand out more than others or will come up repeatedly (choose those ones as they are calling out to you the loudest).


~ When you are told “No” or that you can’t do something, challenge it, ask why. This may help you to see pitfalls or lack of planning that you can then work on some more and give further, more detailed thought to.


~ Believe in yourself – other people believe in you and you should believe in yourself as well.


~ Find more of the people that will to help bolster and support you and your plans. Encouragement and enthusiasm from others goes a long way in helping you to stay focused and realising your potential.


~ Keep reminding yourself why you want to be doing this specific ‘thing’ and keep working on it or towards it.


~ Patience, tolerance and perseverance – you will need this for not only your project, but for yourself and other people as well. It is all too easy to give up on our plans when the going gets a bit rough, and this may be one of the reasons you no longer see your own potential – you have given up and given in too many times in the past.


~Talk to yourself – remind yourself constantly how good you would be at it. Talk yourself up. Be your own #1 supporter and cheer leader.


~ Write yourself affirmations and then read them on a regular basis.


~ Look in every mirror you come across to tell yourself why you should be following through with your plan and realising your potential.


~ Having a big picture plan can help you to see your end goal and what you want to achieve, helping you to see some of your potential, giving you something to aim for, but it is the planning and the little steps you take along the way and the processes that you put in place that help you to be the person you need to be when you aren’t quite there yet. It is realising your potential and then doing something constructive about it and towards it.


~ Surround yourself with love – objects you love, sights / images you love, people you love, scents you love. Breathe in love. Remember love.


~ Make time to ‘go within’ – to mediate, to sit in quiet contemplation. What would you like to be doing? Allow the answers to come to you.


~ Remember you are a powerful being with much wisdom – follow your wisdom and your heart.


~ Embrace your maiden aspect – regardless of which phase of life you find yourself in physically at the moment. Invite in the new beginning, be excited for the new, have fun and free yourself from the self-imposed shackles that are holding you back.


~ Make the time to pursue your possibilities, passions and potential.


~ Nurture your soul and honour it by doing what you love and what you believe in.


~ Honour yourself by helping others – pass on your knowledge, your wisdom, your experience and your loving compassion by following and sharing your potential.


~ Write out lists of possible benefits for you, and for others you may be helping along the way when you realise your potential and act on it.



So now you have some ideas on how to see your own potential,

How long will it take for you to see your own value and worth in your potential?


How long before you start putting some of your hidden potential to good use and start living YOUR life??