Terms & Conditions + Returns & Refund Policy + Privacy Policy

Inspiring Melinda Terms & Conditions + Returns & Refund Policy + Refund Policy

I am going to keep this very short and sweet.


Terms & Conditions

Basically anything you read on this website, or anything you download from Inspiring Melinda are my (Melinda Riddell) thoughts, ideas and opinions, unless otherwise stated.

You do not have the right to copy, change, modify or share any of my words, images or otherwise, unless you have personal written permission from myself (Melinda Riddell).

Everything you read, see or hear in relation to this website and its contents remains the property of Inspiring Melinda / Melinda Riddell and may not be shared with a third person without my personal written permission.

Everything you read, see or hear in relation to this website and its contents only become into your personal possession if you pay for material at the time of a paid download, have been given permission to download material for free as may happen from time to time, or I have personally given material to you for your own personal use or for you to assist me in finalising the material. You may not at any time now or in the future share, copy, modify or give this material to another person, company or organisation without my personal written permission.

Returns and Refund Policy

Inspiring Melinda / Melinda Riddell does not offer refunds and does not take returns. You make a decision to purchase goods and / or services being offered as you have made the decision to make changes in your life. You are investing in your life by investing in the goods and / or services being offered. To offer refunds and returns is to be offering you a way out. That is not happening. I believe in what I am offering.

Privacy Policy

At the time of subscribing to Inspiring Melinda certain information such as your name and address will be collected and stored in accordance with the system I am using at that time and into the future to operate and run this website. This is done so that you may be kept up to date with newsletters, articles of interest, offers and other material as and when they become available.

The locations relating to the systems used are currently based in Singapore and Australia. This may change in the future so you are personally responsible for checking on updates to this information if it is a concern to you.

At no time, to the best of my knowledge, will Inspiring Melinda / Melinda Riddell pass on your personal information to a third party. I do not engage in list sharing or list swapping and this will not be willingly happening in the future.

I do not have control on what information may be taken from you when visiting other websites from my website, other sites in general or from my server. This is all beyond my control.

Some personal information and tracking will occur when you visit Inspiring Melinda, just like when you visit any other site on the internet. This information is used to hopefully provide a better operating experience for you and provide links to information that you may find helpful.


That’s it. Short and Sweet.

A brief summary: I don’t keep track of your movements on the internet, only on my site to hopefully give you a better experience whilst there, but others might. I only store your name and email address so you can be kept up to date with anything Inspiring Melinda related and I will not be willingly sharing this information with others. You do not own anything from Inspiring Melinda unless you have paid for it, it was a free gift or it has been personally given to you by me (Melinda Riddell). You do not have permission to share, copy or modify anything on this site or its materials unless you have been given personal written permission to do so from me. I do not offer or give refunds or returns.

It is your responsibility to check with the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy from time to time as updates may occur.