We all go about our lives doing our usual tasks day in and day out without really giving it much thought.

We get up out of bed, we do our usual morning routine and we go off to work or do our usual day time tasks. In the evenings we do our usual evening routine or tasks and then at the end of the day we go to bed. Next day we wake up and do it all over again. Same shit, different day.


Until one day something happens to us, and it interrupts our day and our life. It may be a sudden event or it may be a gradual dawning of something not being right or not being able to be done the way it was once done.

You may have lost a member of your family, you may have been involved in an accident, you may find yourself in financial difficulties, you may have relationship issues or you may find yourself with a medical condition that is painful, debilitating, chronic or terminal.


You find your mind and your time taken over by your circumstances until that is all you talk about, all you think about and all that your life is consumed with now. This is your new life. No one understands what you are going through. No one can help you. You are permanently stuck in this new reality. There is no hope. There is no way out. You are stuck and this is going to be the way it is for the rest of your life.

The rest of your life is going to be spent without that special someone you once had by your side. The rest of your life is going to be spent living with the consequences of the accident you had. The rest of your life is going to be spent with financial limitations. The rest of your life is going to be a struggle with bad relationships. The rest of your life is going to be painful and debilitating until you finally succumb to your medical condition.


It is so easy to get caught up in what we have going wrong in our lives that we only tend to focus on the here and now. The most pressing. The most obvious to us. Whatever we are going through in that particular point in time. There is nothing else. There is no reprieve. There is no respite. There is no alternate. This is how it is going to be from now on


What if someone said to you “This is as good as it gets”?


Would that make a difference to your life, the way you see your circumstances, the way you think, the way you do things?



What you are going through in your life at this moment may just be as good as it is ever going to get!



You may not have a special someone to live out your life with. You may not be able to live your life the way you did before your accident. You may not have the amount of money you believe you need to have now or that you once had. You may not ever have a relationship like you dream of having. You may not be able to live out the rest of your life without pain or restrictions.


This is your life now and this Is as good as it gets!


What do you do now?

Do you bury your head in the sand and moan and groan about your issue or do you find some help or reprieve?

Do you just do the best you can or do you give in and not do anything at all?

Do you ask for help or do you keep fumbling along until you can’t do anything at all any more?

Do you sit around to feel sorry for yourself and cry and cry and cry until you can’t cry any more?


You bet your arse you do. Crying is a good release of energy. Crying helps us to feel sorrow, to feel the pain, to acknowledge that something is happening to us that we don’t like. Crying is a way for us to be able to see how miserable or stuck or painful our lives are at this moment. Crying allows us to acknowledge what is going on in our lives. Crying allows us to feel the hurt, the anger, the pain, the hopelessness of our situations.

Crying allows us to have a good sleep once we have exhausted ourselves from all of the emotions coming to the surface from not only our current circumstances, but also from our past experiences too. Crying allows all the emotions to flow so that we can see where we have had similar experiences in our past, it allows us to remember what we did in the past to overcome this similar experience, as well as allowing us to get pissed off and really, really angry. That anger is a way for us to realise that we have had enough of feeling the way we do, being treated the way we are and it allows us to realise that we deserve better for ourselves.


Or, do you do nothing and keep complaining about your life and your circumstances?

You very well may. For a while at least, but it would be my wish for you that this doesn’t last too long.



You are too precious and you deserve to have a much more fulfilling and memorable life.



Please, instead choose to be proactive and active in your choice to choose a different way.

Yes there may still be restrictions and limitations that are unavoidable, but there is also hope. Hope, determination, will and spirit.



You can choose to keep living your life the way it is at the moment, or you can choose another way of being.



Talk to people. Reach out to people to let them know of your experiences or your situation, you just never know which person will be the one that can help you or lead you onto the path of your new life. Do your own research to find other options and other alternatives that can help you out. Ask for a second, third and fourth opinion if you feel that you are not being heard, not being understood or not getting the answer you know is right for you.

Most importantly, keep living a life. Keep believing in a better way forward for yourself. Keep striving for a better way. Keep moving forward. Keep looking for answers and a way out or a way to ease your circumstances. Just keep going. Life can get better, it will just be different to what it has been.


You may be reading this article and be thinking your life is pretty good and cruisy at the moment, just how you like it to be. If that is you, fantastic, I am truly happy for you. Is there anything else you could be doing? Is there something you would like to do or experience that hasn’t happened yet? Is there a contribution to society in general or someone in particular you could lend your help or expertise to? Is there some way that you could make life for another more comfortable or fulfilling? Is there anything you can do to help make someone else’s life more rewarding for them?


I believe that we all have our own little dramas and days when life just seems to suck the big one, where we are able to have a little sulk and whinge and then generally bounce back. It is when we get the big curve ball served up to us that really rocks our world and tears it apart that we need extra care and extra time to understand what has happened to us and what it means for us from this point on. If you are in that place right now, take the time to grieve, take the time to dwell in it for a while so you know what it feels like, take the time to re-evaluate your past experiences and take the time to talk with others about your experience.

But ask yourself: “What if this is as good as it gets?”


What do you not like about your current situation?

How would you like your life to be?

What can be done to change your current situation?

Who can you talk to about your situation?

Who can you ask for help?

How long are you prepared to keep living your life in this way?

Will you choose to change your life?



What will you do when you realise:

This Is As Good As It Gets!