As we don’t do things ‘normally’, our learning is also not ‘normal’ for where we do it either.


For example, you may find us:

  • Outside on a picnic rug in the shade or sun (depending on the weather)
  • On the lounge
  • Sitting on the floor
  • Laying on the floor
  • In bean bags
  • On a pile of cushions and pillows
  • Waiting in the car
  • Reception rooms waiting for appointments
  • In a hammock
  • Sitting in a tree
  • Dining room table
  • Desk


This gives you an example of where some of the written and reading work is done, but then there are the more important (in my opinion) areas learning is done too. Such as:


Watching documentaries on tv

Just because something has caught our attention or we have an interest in the topic.



A world of discoveries showing you how to do almost everything. A great place for learning and getting ideas.


Attending garage sales, clearance sales and auctions

There are so many items around to look at. You just never know what you will come across. You don’t have to buy anything, but there is usually information and stories swapped to learn more about the items there.


The Internet

It can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Good when you find what you are looking for straight away, and not so good when you don’t. Sometimes we are sent on a wild goose chase trying different combinations of words in search of the elusive, being led from site to site, sometimes helpful, sometimes not.


Going for walks, riding a bike, riding scooters

It is not only great for exercise, but also great to see what is happening in the area around you. We see what animals are around and what they are doing or have been up to; we see changes in plants and the weather; and depending where we go, also meeting and speaking with other people.



Going to the shops

Now this is an everyday activity for most of us grown-ups. We may take it for granted and we may even consider it boring or an inconvenience, but it can be a source of learning on lots of different levels. You get to meet people, see rotation of stock, learn about pricing and sales, money management, time management, social networking etc. It can be seen as a basic life skill, but sadly, many children are growing up without these basic skill sets.


Parks, wetlands and common areas

Again, a great place to be out in nature as you are never sure what you will see, what you will learn, or who will be there. It is also great for exercise and to get you moving.



Galleries, museums, performances and workshops

These are not only great for learning about past lives and experiences, but also to get ideas for activities you might like to try as well.


Factories and business houses

Going behind the scenes to see what goes in making the items we buy and also for their daily running. Good for getting a better insight as to how goods are manufactured and for work experience ideas as well. Can also be good for comparing different products, businesses and ways of life.


Basically, everywhere we go, everything we see and everything we do is a learning experience for all of us. We don’t usually write about it and sometimes our learning is even sub-conscious. Sometimes we will see something, but its significance is only realised at a later date, or we can relate back to it at a later time in connection to something else.


Learning, as you can see, doesn’t have to be restricted to a certain space or a certain time frame. Learning can happen anywhere and everywhere.


Where is your favourite place to learn?